daniel fischer

daniel fischer, software stuntman

enjoys low-probability, high-impact projects; things that are done maybe just once - and should be done right, requiring meticulous preparation, dependable materials and a broad technological skillset - just like a stuntman, but for software.

wants to help you with ideation and development services for any interesting mobile, web, server-side or in-situ challenge - esp. visual/interactive exhibits, experiences or other specials for all kinds of happenings: presentation, exhibition, concert, show, performance, corporate/incentive, roadshow, party, dinner, circus... anything from the trenches, pipes and dungeons up to screens big and small.

has an exquisitely broad and highly flexible toolkit spanning mobile, desktop, web and on-site installation, including C, Java, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, XSLT, Android, iOS, node.js, stencil.js, WebRTC, firebase, HTTP/s, UDP, GStreamer, OpenCV, OpenGL, SWF, SVG, WTF, OMG, LOL and many more; experience with multi-touch, gestural, motion-reactive and video tracking interfaces; preparedness for the unexpected, thinking for scale, attention to detail, reliability and style.

also does open-source, arts-related, hacky and non-commercial work under the stage name of Daniel Turing. He collaborated closely with croatian performance collective BADco., has a history of presenting at arts-affine hacklabs and loves to work on free projects in his little laboratory. Mwhahaha!

looks forward to your contact by mail: [email-address hidden]